How to remove KMSpico Malware from your computer

How to remove KMSpico Malware from your computer?

KMSPico Description (Malware)

KMSPico is any malicious computer program created by cyber hacker to hack into a computer through misleading users. It spread by some form of social engineering, alike e-mail attachment, bundled with third party application or lurks inside PC through sharing data in open network. Do lots of malicious activities into targeted as:

Although KMSPico malware is not destructive itself, the majority of websites which provide its download link are untrustworthy and seek to spread malware. However, there is nothing more to expect from sites that present an illegal program.

That is not a commendable behavior; however, cyber criminals aim to exploit users who seek to obtain paid software for free. Therefore, they infect most requested computer programs with harmful components, such as Trojans or worms, or less-harmful threats like adware. It was noticed that KMSPico virus frequently promotes adware programs, and that is why some security researchers name this dangerous program as KMSPico adware

Normally, the network administrators would contact KMS servers through the Remote Procedure Call and then activate the desired services. The KMSpico creators offer to replace the existing key with a new volume license key and activate the services without having to connect to this KMS server.

Bring modification into Windows registry.
Help Spammers via opening system backdoor etc.
KMSPico Intrusion Methods
As malicious attachment via Spam emails.
By drive-by download.
Sharing data in open network.
Visits to infected websites, torrents.
Clicks to suspicious ads, offers and text-links.
Other social engineering scam etc.
Harmful Impacts of KMSPico  
Crashing the computer or device
Spreading other malware across the network.
Use computer as part of a botnet.
Able to format disks, destroying all contents.
Degraded PC performance and internet speed.
Opens backdoor of cyber crook to access PC.
Spy you’re online activates to record information.

Step By step guide to remove Trojan so hold shift key while choosing option. Restart the windows system. After the system reboot a blue screen papers, now choose troubleshoot option.

Now click on advanced option next from available options of advance option menu, go for startup setting. Now list will appear title restart to change windows options, click on restart button at bottom right corner. 
Take help keys form F1 to F9 you select your desired option of startup settings, once advanced boot options appear go to the safe mode with networking. Press enter key when open safe mode interface then kill malicious KMSPico processes from task manager press Ctrl+ Alt + Del keys together on your keyboard. Now in the processes tab look for any suspicious running process and click on it. Further click end task terminate the malicious process.

Next step clean malicious registry entries made by KMSPico Trojan and tap and hold windows + R keys together search suspicious entries related related with KMSPico. Right click on it > select delete option from there, once startup appear press F6 key to choose safe Mode along with command prompt option.
It is the easiest and fastest way to clean your computer from threats and potentially unwanted programs. In case you just want to remove KMSPico, delete the following files and folders from your computer:
§  AutoPico.exe
§  Service_KMS.exe
§  unins000.exe
§  KMSELDI.exe
§  UninsHs.exe
§  tap-windows-9.21.0.exe

You can also perform Clean Boot. You need to turn off all the startup programs that may be the reason why the program won’t uninstall.
  • Press Windows + R;
  • In the Run window type msconfig;
  • Choose Services section;
  • Find Hide all Microsoft services line, tick the box;
  • The click Disable all;
  • Return back to General section;
  • Find the line Selective startup and untick the box Load startup items;
  • Select Apply, then OK;
  • Reboot your PC;
  • Remove KMSpico from Control Panel.

Nepal Telecom running a SIM card today is 12 hours every day to give everyone a 500 bonus

Nepal Telecom running a SIM card today is 12 hours every day to give everyone a 500 bonus

Kathmandu, Dec. 6 - Nepal Telecom has provided various types of 'Winter Offers' for the winter season. The aforementioned statement has been made from Friday till it has been held till 21st. The Company has also provided data streaming packages with various types of data packages and bonuses. Data streaming packages can be used to watch TV via YouTube and Watch time apps.
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Network Technician Job description

Network Technician Job description

As network technician is becoming more and more important in our daily lives, there is a growing demand for skilled professionals (also known as Network technicians) who can offer quality technical support. Networking troubleshoot in technicians fill this need, and while their specific responsibilities can vary from position to position, their duties often include

Designing and installing well-functioning computer networks, connections and cabling.

• Performing troubleshooting to system failures and identify bottlenecks to ensure long term efficiency of network.
• Testing and configuring software and maintain and repair hardware and peripheral devices.
• Evaluate network performance and find ways of improvement.
• Organize and schedule upgrades and maintenance without deterring others from completing their own work.
• Do regular data backups to protect the organizations information.
• Provide technical direction to co-workers on computer and network usage and offer comprehensive advice and instructions.

Job Description
Responsible for cabling and termination of RJ45, RJ11 and various other wiring disciplines... The position includes the testing and troubleshooting of wiring problems. 
Installations Router, Hub, Switch, LAN, WLAN, Router and device configurations Transmit and Receive A568A- 568B Standard terminations and Crossover cable categories Cate -5 A cable, TA/EIA-568 Cat-5 B cabling


• Responsible for running new cabling in new or existing buildings.
• Climbing towers for installation and maintenance outdoor wireless connection
• Termination and testing of new cabling.
• Responsible for testing and troubleshooting of cables.
• Setting up new telecommunications frames.
• Knowledgeable in structured cabling and other advanced technologies
• Experience for installation and alignment for outdoor wireless
• Communicates effectively and appropriately when dealing with other departments and/or personnel at levels up to BOD.
• Demonstrates the initiative and creativity for self-development within and outside of the company.

Troubleshooting a Cat 6 (or Cat 5) Network connection from the Network Switch to the Data Outlet and/or Computer can sometimes be very frustrating even for an experienced professional. In most cases, the trouble is typically found in the connection wiring and hardware. But don't let that throw you off, when you are troubleshooting you must exhaust all possibilities. Knowing the points will make you a better troubleshooter. 

Let's start from the Network Switch and name each
Network tool kits from are built to accommodate a range of cabling types, termination and connector systems. Whether you work on Ethernet networks, twisted-pair (10base-T) LANs, fiber optic networks or a combination of data and voice equipment, we have a kit for you

The Network Switch itself and its connection to data sources
The port on the front of the switch that you are connected to
The RJ-45 Jack on the front of the switch that corresponds to the port you are connected to
The Cat 6 (or Cat 5) patch cable going from the switch to the patch panel (See Note 1 below)
The RJ-45 Jack on the front of the Patch Panel
The rear 110 connection corresponding with the RJ-45 jack on the front of the Patch Panel
The Cat 6 (or Cat 5) cable going from the patch panel to the wall outlet
The RJ-45 Keystone jack at the wall outlet
The proper labeling of the correct Patch Panel Port on the Wall Outlet
The Cat 6 (or Cat 5) patch cable going from the Wall Outlet to the computer. (See Note 1 below)
The RJ-45 connector on the NIC Card
The NIC Card itself

The seating of the NIC Card into the internal connectors

How to remove shortcut Malware PC & Pen drive without any antivirus software

How to remove shortcut Malware PC & Pen drive without any antivirus software

Its 100 % prof without any type of anvirus software you, can remove shortcut infect malware your all windows system pc and laptop. So shortcut malware original “drdifnloyk MOS DW vbe VBS:BackDoor-AI [Trj]”

This type of infection spreads through removable media like USB key, SD cards, phones, GPS, tablets.Any USB device containing free disk space can be contaminated. drdifnloyk MOS DW vbe was detected by anti-Malware software for USB. The file was submitted to VirusTotal, a service that combines the detection of more than 40 antivirus engines. Result click here Virus Total

File name    File.vbs
File size       71.39 KB
Last analysis        2017-10-18 01:45:28 UTC
Community score -163

Basic Properties
MD5 78a0e123da2a2555f830cb880293c10d
SHA-1 8d5cdbafe9076cca3317913be55b02a26007325f
File Type Text
Magic ASCII text, with very long lines, with CRLF line terminators

Let remove drdifnloyk MOS DW.vbe first press start + r type “msconig” hit enter see first open System Configuration tab to the Startup then see
"wscript.exe //B "C:\User\HIMALA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\ drdifnloyk MOS DW.vbe”

Uncheck and disable then apply press ok again go to the boot option check “Safe boot” and restart system.
When restart the system safe boot open win+r type “regedit” hit enter check reg file
Find and like lnk,ini,vbs,exe delete this one of reg file delete when you find example like location

wscript.exe //B "C:\Users\win7\AppData\Local\Temp\ drdifnloyk MOS DW.vbe” delete this one reg file.
Goto press win+r run type example location C:\Users\win7\AppData\Local\Temp\ drdifnloyk MOS DW.vbe then delete this one and its hidden drdifnloyk MOS DW.vbe are you sytem.
Create one of same to same win+r type “Notepad” when you open notepad blank and save as drdifnloyk MOS DW.vbe desktop the file .vbe and replace the, location on my system example "C:\Users\win7\AppData\Local\Temp\ drdifnloyk MOS DW.vbe” restart windows then its clear shourtcut malware on your system.

How to remove shortcut malware on your flash drive and memory sd card 
Easiest Way to Remove SHORTCUT Virus Permanently from your Computer, Pen drive, Memory Card In this tips and tricks  is going to help you to recover your precious files that has converted into Shortcut Folder and as well as remove Shortcut Virus from your computer, pen drive, memory card, external hard disk and other flash drive devices without any software. Follow the instructions provided in Steps and Remove Shortcut Virus Permanently.

Go to Start and search form “cmd” right clicks on cmd and click on “Run as administrator:
Navigate to you pen drive/ flash drive by typing drive letter.
Type “del *.lnk “and hit Enter on your keyboard.
Now type “attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l” and hit enter

Deferent type of command if when not working
attrib -s -h -r /s /d
attrib f:\*.* /d /s -h -r -s
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive-Name:*.*
Doesn’t work; attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:*.* change the e: to your device or flash drive letter.

Now replace the “Drive-Name” with your drive name. Let’s assume you want to remove the shortcut virus
From the drive C then your command
Will be attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d C:*.*

@echo off
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive-Name:*.*
attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive-Name:*.*

@echo complete

Masscan for faster 10 million packets per sec network scanner tools install Linux machine

Masscan for faster 10 million packets per sec network scanner tools install Linux machine

Let’s use masscan in kali linux this is the faster Internet port scanner. IT can scan the entire internet in under 6 minutes, transmitting 10 million packets per second.

It produces results similar to namap, the most famous port scanner, internally, it operates more like scanned, unicorns can, and ZMap, using asynchronous transmission. Then major difference is address ranges and port ranges.

I’m tell you namap network tools its every slow for scanner, all network but million time faster than scanner masscan try to the linux machine and different type of port’s have the options for this tools. The file release Github official website the like click here Masscan Github.

scanning fast
finding web ports on a network
excluding hosts
finding all ports on network
single-port scans
saving your configuration
finding the top 10 ports on a network
multi-port scans
scan the whole internet for a port
scan top ports
nmap functionality
scan the whole internet for a all ports

NOTE: masscan uses a custom TCP/IP stack. Anything other than simple port scans will cause conflict with the local TCP/IP stack. This means you need to either use the -S option to use a separate IP address, or configure your operating system to firewall the ports that masscan uses.

Let’s how to install kali linux machine the command use down below open terminal first and type copy path  cp masscan /usr/local/bin

$ sudo apt-get install git gcc make libpcap-dev
$ git clone
$ cd masscan
$ make
$ ls
Bin debian LICENSE tmp
Data doc Makefile Src        vs10 xcode4
$ cd bin
$ cp masscan /usr/local/bin
$ cd ~
$ rm –fr masscan
$ msscan
masscan -p80,8000-8100 --rate=10000
 scan some web ports on 10.x.x.x at 10kpps
masscan --nmap
 list those options that are compatible with nmap
masscan -p80 --banners -oB 
 save results of scan in binary format to 
masscan --open --banners --readscan  -oX 
 read binary scan results in  and save them as xml in 
Its options for masscan help a different type command show down below:
masscan --help
MASSCAN is a fast port scanner. The primary input parameters are the
IP addresses/ranges you want to scan, and the port numbers. An example
is the following, which scans the 10.x.x.x network for web servers:
 masscan -p80
The program auto-detects network interface/adapter settings. If this
fails, you'll have to set these manually. The following is an
example of all the parameters that are needed:
 --adapter-mac 00-11-22-33-44-55
 --router-mac 66-55-44-33-22-11
Parameters can be set either via the command-line or config-file. The
names are the same for both. Thus, the above adapter settings would
appear as follows in a configuration file:
 adapter-ip =
 adapter-mac = 00-11-22-33-44-55
 router-mac = 66-55-44-33-22-11
All single-dash parameters have a spelled out double-dash equivalent,
so '-p80' is the same as '--ports 80' (or 'ports = 80' in config file).
To use the config file, type:
 masscan -c 
To generate a config-file from the current settings, use the --echo
option. This stops the program from actually running, and just echoes
the current configuration instead. This is a useful way to generate
your first config file, or see a list of parameters you didn't know
about. I suggest you try it now:
 masscan -p1234 --echo

The masscan as having the following settings permanently enabled
1 -sS: this does SYN scan only (currently, will change in the future)
2 -Pn: doesn't ping hosts first, which is fundamental to the async operation
3 -n: no DNS resolution happens
4 --randomize-hosts: scan completely randomized
5 --send-eth: sends using raw libpcap