How to setting & configuration PROLiNK wireless router ADSL NTC

Today tutorial topic by Nepal Telecom DSL router setting a different type of router configuration and setting but this PROLINK router setting and configuration ADSL internet.


Frist login your username and password see at your router back side there label user and password

ADSL setting Goto to setup WAN Configuration put VPI and VCI

VPI: 8 VCI: 81

Scroll down go to the Add button and edit button


PPP interface-Modify configuration PPPoE setting Manual put username and


Provide username and password ISP NTC Company like username: adsl035420xxx

It’s simple configuration Nepal Telecom router setting and pro link router make multi PPPoE
The account then deletes this manual PPPoE setting.

And same password: adsl035420xxx and reboot router and enjoy with the internet.

Configuration Parameters for Routing Mode

VPI --- 8
VCI --- 81
Encapsulation --- PPPOE/LLC
Authentication --- Auto

Username --- Provided by NT
Password --- Provided by NT
Providing these information should establish connection between CPE and DSLAM

Rx/Tx counters should start to increase

Note: One does not need to create a dial up or dail while using routing mode. Modem will dial itself.

2. Bridge Mode

In this mode your computer dials with username and password provided by NT. This mode is mainly used to connect internet for a single computer.

Configuration Parameters for Bridge Mode

Select Bridge Mode
Encapsulation --- LLC
VPI --- 8
VCI --- 81
Authentication --- Auto

Attention (Very Important):

To check if your ADSL line is working, the ADSL led will first blink and then glow continuously after you connect your Modem/CPE to the phone line.

If there is no response showing (no continuous glow) in the ADSL Led of your Modem/CPE, Please contact the corresponding NT MDF (local exchange) to query if there is any problem in your ADSL line.

Attention for Adsl User

If your phone line has Home metering (16 KHz) facility, you need to specifically mention it while subscribing ADSL service. You need to install the splitter supporting Home metering, otherwise your home metering facility will not work after ADSL subscription.

Note: The ADSL setting router Bridge mode direct connection ISP to Internet

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