The dangerous hacker who closed the entire country's nternet

The dangerous hacker who closed the entire country's Internet!

Daniel. British cyber crafts make offline Liberia attack three years' sentence.
The Daniel Kaye attacked Cyber line’s Service Company Lonestar in October 2015, listed in a series of cyber-attack. Causing the company to spend around $600,000 in remedial action.

Due to this, in the year 2016, Western African countries had become non-international.The British National Criminal Agency issued a statement and described 30-year-old Kyle as a rival company Sanilac. Claimed that there is no involvement in it. The London block fairer crown court on Friday convicted Kale’s court for two years eight months.
The Daniel Kaye sitting in Cyprus, using the buttons, sent long star to the Distributed Detail of Service attack (DDOS) request. Due to which the company had to spend $ 6 million to solve the problem.
After the service was blocked, the company had to pay millions of dollars to the consumer's income.

After being arrested in February 2017, the Kaye was delivered to Germany. There he also acknowledged Cyber-attack at Deutsche Telecom. Over 1 million users were affected in the November 2016 invasion. The additional impact of customers leaving the network caused the company to lose tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue, the NCA added.Following his arrest in February 2017, Kaye was extradited to Germany, where he also admitted to attacks on Deutsche Telekom that affected around 1 million customers in November 2016.
"Daniel Kaye was operating as a highly skilled and capable hacker-for-hire," Mike Hulett, Head of Operations at the NCA's National Cyber Crime Unit, said.He was arrested again in the UK in December last year.

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