A Computer Network Focus I'm certifications: 
Professional VsphereTraining ISP certificate 

 With more than a decade experience, living in Nepal. Server based Networking and internet Bandwidth and SSL certificate encryptions traffic network security managementsThe main motive of this blog is to share my vast knowledge about Computers to help all of you use and enjoy them at their best potential as well as learn from you too. So keep checking, learning and sharing at my blog – www.manojkhadka.com.np
 This is site is meant for all those people who are interested and are in search to gather knowledge regarding computersthe knowledge  router, Hub, Switch, LAN, WLAN, router and device configurations Transmit and Receive A568A- 568B Standard terminations and Crossover cable categories Cate -5 A cable, TA/EIA-568 Cat-5 B cabling. Microsoft access programing and DOT. NET Visual Studio at working MSQL environment work and development local software example database software and online listen to software developments.

Given full protection pc then give backup data monitors this application and block prevent your pc from be exploits by hacker’s all setting install and configuration this project. You can also find some tricks and tips by which you can enhance your skills while browsing, chatting and how to avoid different viruses and spams etc If anyone needs any help related to computers and troubleshoot you can mail me