How or reset Brother Toner cartridge for DCP-1510 DCP-1512

How or reset Brother Toner cartridge for DCP-1510 DCP-1512

The brother DCP 1510 is a very bad product. It has a very poor print and the company brother has a very bad warranty service. If the product breaks down on the first day the customer should pay the postage and shipping costs. The postage and shipping costs can be 20% to 50% of the purchase price of the printer. It depends if you send a part of the printer or the whole printer.

Note: This printer error message empty the toner DCP-Brother MODEL -1510 DCP-1512

Brother DCP-1510 / 1512
Press “MENU” button
Hit “down arrow” until you see “info” on the display.
Press “OK” button
Hit “down arrow” until you see “reset drum” on the display
Press and hold “OK” button util you see “reset” on the display
Press “START” button
Press “up arrow” until you see the value “10”
Press “OK” button. On the display should appear “accepted”
Press “STOP” until the main menu appear on the display.

Warranty Duration
1 year
Warranty Type
Back to dealer
Printer engine type
Mono laser
Maximum Page Size
Sheet feed Capacity (Sheets)
150 x 80g/sm tray
Max paper weight (g/sm)
Print head resolution (dpi)
Carriage resolution dpi
Scan resolution (ppi)
690 x 1,200
ADF Capacity (sheets)
Rated black speed (ppm)
Rated pages per month
Not Stated
Connection type
Print without PC?
Yes, copy form flatbed
Photo card readers
Power consumption (w)
<380 p="">
Extra features
High speed, Separate toner and drum
Dimensions(trays closed)       W x D x H (mm)
385 x 340 x 255
Weight (kg)
Printing software
Brother MFL-Pro Suite, PCL drivers
Brother-TN-630- reset point

For the Brother DCP/MFC Series printers:
1. Open the front toner compartment door.
2. The printer screen should read “front cover is open”.
3. Press the “clear” button on the printer’s front panel.
4. Printer will say “Replace Drum?”
5. Here do not press 1 but instead type in “*00” on the keypad. Star zero zero.
6. The screen will say “Accepted”. Close the door and it will reset the low toner message.

For the Brother HL Series printers:
1. Open front door.
2. Turn off printer.
3. While holding down the GO button, turn printer back on.
4. When all four LEDs light up release GO button. All LEDs will turn off.
5. Press the GO button 2 times. The 3 LEDs (toner, drum, paper) will light up solid.
6. Press the GO button 5 times.
7. Paper light will be blinking.
8. At this point the toner end-of-life condition has been reset. Close front door.

little tip for you timing is important here so don’t pause between button presses. Besides, different printers and toners should be reset with different methods. The above method is suitable for the printer of Brother DCP/MFC/HL Series which should work with toner TN-630 and TN-660.

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