Online Radio Nepal All Stations Listen Application Download

Online Radio Nepal All Stations Listen Application Download

Online is, as the name clearly states, a software application that lets users listen to certain online radio channels from Nepal Nepali Radios Online is, as the name clearly states, a software application that lets users listen to certain online radio channels. 

Development Visual Studio 2015 programming to the desktop version support upgrade OS windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1 windows 10  64/32 bit version supporting.

The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 is a highly compatible in-place update to the Microsoft .NET Framework 4, 4.5, 4.5.1, 4.5.2, 4.6, and 4.6.1.

The .NET Framework 4.6.2 (Offline Installer) supports the following operating systems:

Windows 7 SP1 (x86 and x64)
Windows 8.1 (x86 and x64)
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (x64)
Windows Server 2012 (x64)

Windows Server 2012 R2 (x64)
Its fix both of version Download x64 bit and 32bit version this radio application.

All in all, Nepali Radios Online is a small and useful piece of software that enables you to listen to a lot of different Nepalese radio stations. The app is very easy to work with and integrates a lot of efficient features such as a list of channels, volume bar and Play/Stop and Stop Mute options buttons.

The program uses Windows Media Player to play the online radios. You can choose to display the Windows controls, or use the program´s controls to play or stop the radios and modify the volume level. When you select a station, the program will start to play it, and will show the logo for that station.

Note: Upload online radio application server when upload scan bitdefender its 100% save Malware, Adware, and Virus 

Development Visual Studio 2015 environment this online_Radio_Nepal size 34.02 MB x64 bit download click here. Mediafire server Download link 
 Online Radio Nepal Application
Drop box server Download x32 bit version

 Online radio Nepal

All these stations stream their programs through the Internet. You can look for them and tune in these stations through your browser. The advantage of this program is that it has direct links that will let you find the radios immediately. It’s easier to choose options volume control and the online radio are available below: Enjoy the one click application listen 222 stations 

 Radio Amurta 91.6 MHz
 Kantipur FM 96.1,
 Radio Nepal, 
 BBC Nepali radio, 
 Ujyaalo Radio Network, 
 Ujyalo 90 Network,
 Image FM 97.9 MHZ,
 Big 101.2 FM Unik chaa,
 Butwal FM 94.4, Dinesh FM 93.8 FM,
 Hits FM 91.2, 
 Kalika FM 95.2 FM, 
 Kanchanjungha FM 92.6 FM, 
 Audio 106.3 MHZ,
 Barsaat FM 107.5,
 BFBS Gurkha Radio,
 BFM Radio 91.2 FM,
 Bulbule FM 103.4 MHz, 
 Daman FM, 
 Dhukdhuki FM 95.2, 
 Eagle FM 99.2, 
 Everest Radio, 
 Gorkha FM, 
 Helambu F.M. 89.6 MHz,
 Himal FM 90.2 MHz, 
 Hits FM 91.2, 
 Ilam FM 93.0 MHz, 
 Jagaran FM 90 MHz, 
 Khoj Radio, 
 Khumbu FM 93.2, 
 Krishnasar FM 94 MHz,
 Lok Geet Radio, 
 Machhapuchhre FM 91 MHZ, 
 Nagarik FM 107.5 MHz, 
 Namaste Hetauda Online Radio, 
 National FM 88.2, 
 Navajyoti FM 88.2 MHz,KTM, 
 Nepal FM 91.8 MHz, 
 Nepaliko Online, 
 Nuwkot Fm 106.8 MHz, 
 Popular fm 99.5 inaruwa, 
 Radio Amargadhi 97.4 MHz, 
 Radio andhikhola 105.4 MHz, 
 Radio Bajura 104 MHz, 
 Radio Bheri FM 98.6, 
 Radio Birgunj,
 Radio Dhading 106 MHz, 
 Radio Didi Bahini 95.2 MHz, 
 Radio Gandaki 90.2 MHz, 
 Radio Hamrosansar, 
 Radio Jaljala FM 96.4 MHz, 
 Radio Janasanchar FM 109.7 MHz, 
 Radio Madyapaschim 91.4 MHz, 
 Radio Makalu 102.1 MHz, 
 Radio Makawanpur 101.3 MHz, 
 Radio Mirmire - 89.4 FM, 
 Radio Myagdikali 88.2 FM, 
 Radio Nagarik 100.4 Mhz, 
 Radio Nepal Bani 94.9 MHz, 
 Radio Pariwartan FM 89.4 MHz Itahari, 
 Radio Paschim Aawaz 104.3 MHz, 
 Paschim Today, 
 Radio Ramaroshan FM 92 MHz, 
 Radio Sarathi 107.4 MHZ, 
 Saugaat FM 103.6 MHz, 
 Shreenagar FM 93.2 MHz, 
 Radio Sindhu 105 MHz, 
 Radio Star 93.2, 
 Radio Tanahun 97.2 MHz, 
 Radio Taranga 107.6 MHz, 
 Radio Thaha Sanchar, 
 Radio Tulsipur FM 100.2 MHz, 
 Radio Upatyaka 87.6 FM, 
 Radio City Pokhara 105.6 Mhz, 
 RedFM 101 MHZ, 
 Radio Rubaru FM 104.5 MHz, 
 Sajha Sabal Online Radio, 
 Saptakoshi FM 90.0 MHz, 
 Saptarangi FM 101.6 FM Jhapa, 
 Saugat FM 103.6 MHz, 
 Sky FM 106.6 FM Morang, 
 Radio Menchhyayem, 
 Madiseti Fm 105.8 MHz, 
 Dinesh FM 93.8 FM, 
 Radio Syangja FM 89.6 MHz, 
 Himal FM 90.2 MHz, 
 Namaste FM 107.2 MHz | Ithari , 
 Radio Namaste 92.8 MHz. Butwal, 
 Ganatantra FM 95.1 MHz Dharan, 
 Radio Solu 101.2 MHz, Radio Sindhu, 
 Sarlahi 105.7 MHz, 
 Radio Chhinnamasta FM 101.4 MHz,
 Khandbari FM 105.8 MHz,
 Radio Sharada 99.2 MHZ, 
 Radio Kapurkot F.M.106.1 Mhz,
 Tinau FM 98.2 Mhz | ???? ?????? ????,
 Siddhartha FM - 98.8 FM Bhairahawa,
 Radio Mukti 95.5 MHz, 
 Radio Malmala 88.6 MHz, 
 Radio Sisne FM 93.2 MHz, 
 Radio Sanobheri FM 100.8 MHz, 
 Radio Rolpa - 93.8 FM, 
 Radio Tinlal FM 88.6 MHz, 
 Radio Mandavi 97.0 MHz, 
 Indreni FM (PalPal Ko Saathi) 92.4 MHz,
 Radio Saligram, 
 Sumhatlung FM, 
 Afno FM 104.8 MHz,
 Vijaya FM 101.6 MHz,
 Radio Madhyabindu FM 101 MHz,
 Radio Sunakhari, Koshi FM 94.3 MHz,
 Radio Thaha Sanchar,
 Radio Aandhi Khola,
 Radio Triven, 
 Radio Aakash Ganga 88.5 MHz,
 Radio Gunjan 105.3 MHz,
 Radio Nepal Lalitpur, 
 Classic FM 101.2 MHz, 
 Radio Naya Nepal 104.5 MHZ,
 Grace fm MHz 107.6, 
 Good News Fm 105.1 MHz,
 Capital FM 92.4 MHz, 
 Radio Sarangkot FM 104.6 MHz,
 Radio Safalta 103.4, 
 Radio Lekhnath 106.6 Mhz,
 Radio Gurkhali 106 MHz,
 Radio Buddha Awaaz 89.6 MHz,
 Radio Today 91 MHz Janakpur,
 Radio Mahakali | FM 96.2 Mhz, 
 Radio Tikapur FM 101 MHz,
 Sancharika Samuha, 
 Radio Kailali FM 103.7 MHz,
 Radio Paschim Aawaz 104.3 MHz, 
 Saptarangi FM 101.6 MHz jhapa,
 Radio Sunrise 90.2 MHz,
 Radio manakamana 102.4 MHz,
 Gorkha FM 93 MHz, 
 Kalinchowk FM 106 MHz,
 Hamro Radio 103.4 MHz,
 Mithilanchal FM 105 MHz,
 Janaki FM 106 MHz, 
 Radio Dhankuta FM 106.2 MHz,
 Radio Tinjure 103.8-MHz,
 Radio Dhankuta FM 106.2 MHz, 
 Radio Jharana FM 88 MHz, 
 Synergyfm 91.6 MHz, 
 Radio Madi 107.6 MHz,
 Nepaliko Radio 88.8 MHz, 
 Bhaktapur FM 105.4, 
 RadioKohalpur | 101.2 MHZ,
 Krishnasar FM, 
 Dhawalagiri FM Live 98.6 MHz,
 Nepalbani FM 94.9 Mhz,
 Radio Birat 88.5 MHz, 
 Radio Sargam 88.8 MHz,
 Aagan FM 89.6 MHz, 
 Radio Tamor 102 MHz, 
 Radio Taplejung 94.0 MHz,
 Radio Indreni 97.5 MHz, 
 Radio Laliguras Fm 105.2 MHZ, 
 Radio Laligurans 105.2 MHz, 
 Chomolungma FM 98.6 MHz, 
 Sunakhari Radio Live 91.4 MHz,
 Radio Sankhuwasabha 95.5 MHz, 
 C FM 94.7 MHz, Radio Salhesh 88.8 MHz,
 Hajurko Radio 102.1 MHz, 
 Radio Tiphadee 99.1 MHz, 
 Radio Siddhababa 98.4 MHZ,
 Gospel Radio, Mero Radio, 
 Nepal FM Network, 
 Nepalbani Network, 
 Radio Hamro Sansar, 
 Radio Himalaya, 
 Nepal Plus Radio,
 Radio Chautari 91.4 MHz,
 Radio Marsyangdi 95 MHz,
 Galyang FM 92.2 MHz,
 Radio Parasi 90.2 MHz, 
 Nawalpur FM 104.7 MHz, 
 Unique FM 97.6 MHz,
 Radio Uttarganga 102 MHz,
 Saileshwori FM 105.9 MHz, 
 Radio Belauri 105 MHz, 
 Radio Prabhu FM 102.6 MHz,
 Radio Pahichan 105.3 MHz,
 Radio Nagarik 104.3 MHz,
 Radio Kanchanpur 90.2 MHz
 Radio Sky FM 90.4 MHz
 Radio Ramechhap 95.8 MHz
 Radio RamaRoshan
 Radio Babai 106.0 MHz
 Radio Gurbaba - 106.4 FM
 Radio Sudoorawaz 95Mhz
 Radio Prakriti
 Radio Mithila
 Radio Triveni 100.6 MHz
 Kanchanjungha FM 92.6 MHz
 Pathibhara FM 93.6 MHz
 Seemana F.M 106.9 MHz
 Radio  Naya  Karnali FM 102.8 MHZ
 Radio Annapurna 93.4 MHz
 KEEPS FM 98.3 MHz
 Radio Namobuddha
 Image News FM - 103.6 FM
 Radio Lamjung 91.8 MHz
 Radio Mithila - 100.8 FM Janakpur
 Radio Rudraksha 98.8 MHz
 Hetauda 96.6 FM
 Nuwakot FM 106.8 MHz
 Madhesh Jan AAwaj fm 98.6 MH
 Rautahat FM 90.8 MHz
 Radio Devdaha 106.6 MHz
 Gurans FM 107.5 MHz
 Radio Lamjung 91.8 MHz
 Radio Dhangadhi FM 90.5 MHZ
 Radio Chitwan 94.6 MHz
 Pathibhara FM 93.6 MHz
 Hungama Bollywood

Tutorials video online radio 

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