Good news for internet user to Nepalese Google translate to Nepali voice speech

Good news for internet user to Nepalese Google translate to Nepali voice speech
Google Translate is a free multilingual machine translation service developed by Google, to translate text, speech, images, sites, or real-time video from one language into another. It offers a web interface, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and an API that helps developers build browser extensions and software applications. Google Translate supports over 100 languages at various levels and as of May 2013, serves over 200 million people daily

In November 2016, Google announced that Google Translate would switch to a neural machine translation engine - Google Neural Machine Translation which translates "whole sentences at a time, rather than just piece by piece. It uses this broader context to help it figure out the most relevant translation, which it then rearranges and adjusts to be more like a human speaking with proper grammar". Originally only enabled for a few languages in 2016, GNMT is gradually being used for more languages.

- Sources Wikipedia  

Now few months to update “Google Translate” English to Nepali convert Nepali word only now it’s, talk and speech Nepali voice. To the student and internet user to easy and useful then conversions help’s and research everything talk to talk technology. 

Google translate helps you to easy understand and communicate in over 100 language and feature’s like Type- just use your keyboard, Talk – Have bilingual conversation, Snap – Translate images to text in a different language, See – Use your phone camera to see instant translations, Write – Draw letters or characters with your finger, Offline – Get text translation without a data connection and internet.

Download different type android app search “Google Translate” install smarter mobile to make easy your performance & improve voice to better then best for you. Let’s try now go to the browser and type “Google Translate” example type to “I’m Nepali” convert to English to Nepali words then press speaker icon button then you can listen, Nepali voice so now try it its useful enjoy yourself.

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