Nepal Telecom ISP Upgrade System use the FortiGATE firewall

Nepal Telecom ISP Upgrade System use the FortiGATE firewall  

 Just few months ago Nepal Telecom (ISP) internet Service Provider Company upgrade the system & security, use next generation Fort iGATE firewall and network security now is filter the internet using suffer internet. The internet user protect the connection safe the hacker anti phishing our network Communication system. Nepal Telecom maintained system of Nepalese organizations more & more cyber criminals are targeting Nepal cyberspace to get focus security system. 

 Nepal Telecom last few years ago dozen of the attack the anonymous hacker group has claimed to have breach the Nepal Telecom ADSL server, and have gained access to user's Wi-Fi SSID and password more than 43700 router is vulnerability found NTC's server was hacked last months, a group called Anonymous opnep gained access to all the details of NTC user that include username, citizenship name, father's name as well as other private information which you have to fill up during new SIM card registration.
The Fort iGATE firewall feature consolidated security platforms deliver unmatched performance and protection while simplifying your network. Fortinet offers models to satisfy any deployment requirement from the FortiGate-30 series for small offices to the FortiGate-5000 series for very large enterprises, service providers and carriers.
Fort iGATE platforms combine the FortiOS security operating system with Forti AISIC processors and latest-generation CPUs to other hardware to provide a comprehensive, high-performance security. Each Fort iGATE includes the widest range of security and networking functions on the market, including:

Firewall, VPN, and Traffic shaping
Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
Integrated wireless controller
Application Control
IPv6 Support
Data Leak Prevention
Secure WI-FI
Web Filtering
VoIP Support
Layer 2/3 routing
WAN Optimization & Web Caching
 This example describes how to improve the reliability of a network connection using two ISPs. The example includes the configuration of equal cost multi-path load balancing, which efficiently distributes sessions to both Internet connections without overloading either connection
Create a security policy for the primary interface connecting to the ISPs and the internal network. Create a security policy for each interface connecting to the ISPs and the internal network

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