Dahua IP camera forget password how to reset


                           Dahua IP camera forgot password how to reset

Today I’m trying to reset step by step guide dahua (IR BULLET NETWORK CAMERA) model no: DH –IPC- HFW1230S1P –S4. Device Initialization and Password Reset for Networking Cameras.

The first step removes the front side camera black flat plastic then two crew open the screwdriver

The second step installation “Config Tooltthis one is old version software and other new version software General_ConfigTool_ChnEng_V5.000.0000001.7.R.20210227” whatever choose and download to the installation you system.

Third step power on IP camera and see this one, whole point 1 as 2 so you will need to touch the screwdriver for just 10 sec. Next step jumper blue cable and orange cable, touch to the lags hold just 10 sec and it’s successfully reset your password.

Fourth step plug in net cable to the camera to pc tab to Network properties click, to the “Ethernet” then click Properties see IPV4 manually change IP address.

Install “Config Tool” click and open tab to the “Search setting” put there manually IP address, and default user “admin” then password “admin” press ok. It’s searching IP for camera IP address show on Config tools

Using “ConfigTool” allows you to initialize remote devices over the same LAN, and supports initializing multiple devices at the same time. Instructions

Step 1 Double click the on the desktop and enter the main interface.

Step 2 Click the to enter the IP configuration screen.

Step 3 Select uninitialized device(s) and then click “initialize” device initialization interface.

Step 4 Select device(s) to initialize, and then click “Initialize” and you access ton the web-base brower type IP address hit enter then open the page login user: admin then New Password.

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