Nepal's cyber security why weaknesses point

Nepal's cyber security why weaknesses point

A few weeks ago, about two thousand government websites were hacked after four hours closed. Question has been raised in Nepal's cyber security.

Experts believe that the hackers attack on the server of national information technology centering of government agencies websites showed a weak state of cyber security.
They said that the incident is large and threatening the national security in the future, will not increase its lessons. Officials say that after the incident adopting more vigilance for cyber security, government officials.

Due to weakness of cyber security, the lack of necessary policy and action plan, lack of investment in security and lack of regular safety test is the main three reasons.

Ø  Predecessor required
According to Cyber ​​Security Advisor Saroj Lamichenne, the government should formulate policy and method for dealing with such incidents.
Lamichhane says: "To avoid such threats, it is necessary to set a definite period and plan cyber security with priority."
He suggested that the criteria for purchase equipment of information technology used in government bodies should be made.
In the event of increasing the use of technology globally, Nepal also needs to formulate timely policy.

"Cyber ​​assault for Nepal cannot be seen as a major subject in the instantaneous situation, even if it is not serious about such issues, it may have to face a major risk at once," he added.

Ø  Low investment in security


Vice President of Computer Association Nepal (CAN) Federation, Sunnah Pandey said that due to government depression, the country could not invest in information technology sector because the country could not progress relatively well about cyber security.

He said that the government has started keeping important personal details such as citizenship and driver's permission on websites, and said that there could be no higher cost in the future, if not to invest immediately in that area.
Pandey says, "The website seems to be justified after leaving the website now. Information may be stolen at the time of the website running.

He has experienced two or three teams to secure the server in other countries.
"A team is working to attack the server in a new way and another team will resist it so that it can be done immediately after the attack is attacked."
He said that the government wants to save the software from cyber-attack in Nepal.


Ø  Security alert


Based on the needs of the government, based on a certain type of software, rather than using a website by using the website, then officials say successful hackers are able to attack the same number.
Information Officer of National Information Technology Center, Ramesh Prasad Pokharel told BBC Nepali service, "It has started using non-software software to minimize such incidents - it will likely reduce the potential to hack in future."
According to him, the recent hack did China and India hackers, and it affected the flow of service to various important bodies.

The release issued by the Center was stated that government service was blocked in the official domain name server ( DNS) due to the huge traffic coming from abroad in the Government Unified Data Center.
Pokharel says: "Such conditions have also been made repeatedly, even if there is no definite criterion or policy about making important things like government agencies websites. “There is no security test to continue at that time."



Ø  Policy arrangements


Although cyber assault through the internet cannot be stopped, it can be said that Rosa Kiran Basukula, deputy director of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, was made rapidly by speeding the process of making necessary policy rules.
Bacukala says: "We have presented the documents regarding cyber security policy in collaboration with the International Telecommunications Association before the government."

He said that it is important to safeguard the website and discourage cybercrimes if the payment for online banking and internet is accelerating.
Sources By: BBCNEPAL

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