How Linux works 2nd Edition

Praise for the first edition of how linux works

 “A great resource. In roughly 350 pages, the book covers all the basics.” —eWEEK “I would definitely recommend this book to those who are interested in Linux, but have not had the experience to know the inner workings of the OS.” —O’ReillyNet “One of the best basic books on learning Linux, written with the power user in mind. Five stars.” — “Succeeds admirably because of the way in which it’s organized and the level of technical detail it offers.” —Kickstart News “This is a very different introduction to Linux. It’s unflashy, concentrates on the command line, and digs around in the internals rather than on GUI frontends that take the place of more familiar MS Windows tools.” — “This book does a good job of explaining the nuts and bolts of how Linux operates.” —Hosting Resolve

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