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 As technology advances and society becomes more interconnected, the chances of your digital device being located on full spectrum search engines has increased dramatically. Asset and device owners may choose to intentionally expose their devices to the public Internet, but some are unaware of this potential and unknowingly face a higher risk of cyberattack. The ability to query for Internet-connected assets is vital to managing attack surface, and can support those efforts.

WHAT IS SHODAN1 Shodan ( is a web-based search platform for Internet connected devices. This tool can be used not only to identify Internet connected computers and Internet of Things/Industrial Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT), but also Internet connected Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and platforms. Further, potential exploits, default passwords and other attack elements can be harvested from search results. Integrations with vulnerability tools, logging aggregators and ticketing systems allow Shodan to be seamlessly incorporated into an organization’s infrastructure.

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